Thank you fellow Veterans. I, too, served. I was an Ocean Systems Analyist in the United States Navy. I like to add the “United States” part because it was my privilege to serve side by side with our allies in the British Air Force & Navy as well as the Canadian Defense Forces.

I want to address those veterans who have Medicare Parts A & B and use the VA for Prescription Drugs.

There are Medicare Advantage Plans that provide Medical Benefits WITHOUT providing Priscription Drugs. There palns are well suited for veterans and others who choose not to have a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

These plans offer more benefits than you get with Original Medicare. They are Medicare Advantage Plans providing additional benefits to help you live a healthier life.

These plans have no premium. Repeat, you pay $0 yet receive the additional benefits.

The extra benefits that you can expect include:

  • Dental Benefits
    Not only can you see the dentist every six months for cleanings and x-rays, but there are some plans that provide for additional comprehensive procedures.
  • Vision Benefits
    This includes a $0 co-pay for an annual vision exam and Money toward frames or contacts.
  • Fitness programs
    Many plans imnclude no-cost gym memberships with extensive networks.
  • Routine Hearing Benefit
    $0 annual hearing exam with hearing aid benefits.

Call toll free today to find out if you qualify. (888) 883 – 6074